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This Business of Art
Tegan and Sara This Business of Art.jpg
Studio album by Tegan and Sara
Released July 18, 2000
Recorded Hawksleytown Studios
Genre Indie rock
Length 35:38
Label Vapor
Producer Hawksley Workman
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Tegan and Sara chronology

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Under Feet Like Ours
This Business of Art
If It Was You
Singles from This Business of Art
  1. "The First"
    Released: 2000

This Business of Art is a Tegan and Sara album, released in 2000. It is their first official release through Vapor Records, though they independently released Under Feet Like Ours the previous year. Six of the songs originally appeared on its predecessor; "Proud", "Hype", "Freedom", "More for Me", "Come On" and "Superstar". "Frozen" was later included on the 2001 re-release of their debut album. This album was recorded at Hawksleytown Studios and mixed and mastered at Umbrella Sound in Toronto.

"My Number" was featured on the Sweet November soundtrack.

Track listingEdit

  1. "The First" – 3:13 (Tegan Quin)
  2. "Proud" – 2:50 (Sara Quin)
  3. "Frozen" – 2:44 (Tegan Quin)
  4. "Hype" – 3:29 (Sara Quin)
  5. "My Number" – 4:11 (Tegan Quin)
  6. "All You Got" – 3:00 (Sara Quin)
  7. "Freedom" – 2:42 (Tegan Quin)
  8. "Not with You" – 3:33 (Sara Quin)
  9. "More for Me" – 3:00 (Tegan Quin)
  10. "Come On" – 3:06 (Sara Quin)
  11. "Superstar" – 3:42 (Tegan Quin)


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